Thursday, March 2, 2017

Let Us Flip Sells For You

Let's Flip Sells Service For Hire

Let Us Sell For You! 

Most of people have from $2000 to $5000 in CASH around their home right now. It can be pictures on the wall, collectibles or an old car sitting in the yard you want to sell it but either don't have the time or knowledge to do so. WE CAN HELP!

The Let's Flip Sells Service will do all the work for you. We evaluate every item before we post if for sale. We take professional photos, write up a detailed description, and post it on websites that will get the best price and most exposure. We even run online advertisements for high end products at no additional charge. All you do is collect the cash. 

How Do You Get Paid:

After you contact us and we reach an agreement on how much we are going to sell the product for and what sites it will listed on, you sign a contract and we get to work for you. Any product that we can carry will be taken to our office so we can take photos, videos, and ship out once it sells. Once the product sells and the buyer doesn't return it in the 14 day return period, You Get Paid!

How We Get Paid:

Once we know what the product is and what websites we are going to sell the product on we charge an upfront fee of $5-$100 to cover listing fees. This fee is deducted from our commission when we pay you. Our commission on based on final price of sold items. If the product doesn't sell we charge nothing but the listing fees. 

How Do We Get People To Find Your Product:

Not only do we list your product on sites to sell but we also list them on Blogs and other Social Media Websites. We have a combined total of over 5000 follower with nearly 100,000 monthly views on our network. Plus we run advertisement on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We evaluate each product and come up with a game plan to get it sold at the highest price possible so we all get paid. 

Let's Get Started Selling For You!

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